Athlete Training Programs

Reach Your Athletic Potential

Highly personalised strength and conditioning and sports training that will elevate your game, improve your performance on the pitch, on the court, on the track, or in the pool – and take your sporting prowess to the next level.

Customized Strength and Conditioning

At EDY Yann, our expert strength and conditioning coaches, and sports athletic trainers guide you through a rigorous journey toward sporting excellence. Leveraging EDY Yann’s extensive experience as a seasoned athlete, including vital insights into training disciplines and nutritional strategies, he and his team design challenging, customized training programs for athletes.

These programmes are finely tuned to provide a competitive edge in your sport of choice, catering to needs as specific as strength and conditioning training for runners.

Athlete Training

Optimise Your Performance

Set The Foundation For Success

Reduce Injury Risk

Edy Yann - Pre Season

Pre-season Athletic Fitness Programs

Matches, races, or games aren’t won on the day – success comes from hard work, dedication, and preparation before the first whistle blows.

Our integrated approach to pre-season training helps you build the foundation for excellence, improves strength and fitness, and reduces injury risk. 

Enhanced Athlete Training

Enter The Season In Peak Form, Ready To Put It All On The Line To Win.

Reduce Injury Risk

Our strength and conditioning programs focus on reducing your potential injury risk s through targeted exercises. Keep injuries at bay and stay consistently active in your sport.

Boost Your Confidence

Tackle that first game or race with a mindset of positivity and self-belief, knowing you’re at your fittest.

Improve Long-term Development

Understand your capabilities and limitations, and set effective targets for improvement.

Better Nutrition & Recovery

Learn how to fuel your body to optimise performance, maximise energy levels, and aid recovery.

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Advanced Training for Runners and Athletes

For runners and athletes seeking specialized training, our strength and conditioning training for runners is unmatched. We focus on building endurance, speed, and agility, crucial for excelling in track and field events.

Our sports athletic trainers are dedicated to enhancing your performance, offering personalized coaching that aligns with your unique athletic goals. By integrating advanced sports nutrition and recovery strategies, we ensure you’re always at the top of your game, both physically and mentally.

Edy Yann - Athletes Training​

Frequently Asked Questions

Athletes engage in a variety of strength and conditioning programs tailored to enhance their performance in their respective sports. This includes a mix of aerobic and anaerobic exercises, resistance training, plyometrics, and sport-specific drills. Strength and Conditioning for Athletes is not just about building muscle; it’s about improving agility, speed, endurance, and overall athletic ability. We will always customize these programs to the athlete’s individual needs, focusing on techniques that promote physical development and skill enhancement.

Training athletes for speed involves a combination of explosive strength exercises and sprint training. A well-designed strength and conditioning training program for runners, for instance, will include activities like high-intensity interval training (HIIT), plyometrics, and resistance workouts that focus on the lower body. These exercises help develop the fast-twitch muscle fibers essential for sprinting and quick movements. Additionally, correct running technique and stride efficiency are critical components taught by sports athletic trainers to maximize an athlete’s speed potential.

Training is vital for athletes as it lays the foundation for peak performance and success in their sport. Strength and conditioning programs are particularly important as they enhance the athletes’ physical abilities, contribute to improved performance, and can be customized for each phase of their athletic season, including pre-season athletic fitness programs. Moreover, sports nutrition and recovery strategies are integral to training, ensuring that athletes can train effectively and recover efficiently, thus maximizing the gains from each session.

Yes, we offer athlete training programs tailored for beginners. These programs focus on establishing a solid foundation in strength and conditioning, emphasizing proper technique and gradual progression. Beginners learn the essentials of athlete training, including how to effectively warm up, cool down, and incorporate sports nutrition and recovery strategies into their routines. The goal is to build a strong base that will support more advanced training as their athletic abilities develop.

Athlete training, when done correctly, can significantly reduce the risk of injuries. By focusing on proper form, balanced strength development, and flexibility, strength and conditioning programs help fortify the body against common sports-related injuries. Reducing injury risk in athlete training is a key objective, as it not only ensures the athlete’s well-being but also maintains consistent training and performance levels. Incorporating recovery strategies and conditioning exercises tailored for runners and athletes of various sports helps in developing a resilient physique capable of withstanding the rigors of competitive sports.