Personal Training Services in East London

Discover your ideal personal fitness trainer in East London, where your complete well-being is the focus. Say farewell to health and fitness plateaus; at EDY Yann, our certified personal trainers, are dedicated to unlocking your full potential through personal training.

Find the Perfect Fit for Your Physique

You’ve got too much living to do to feel frustrated about weight loss, or to be tired out by training programmes that don’t get you any further towards your goals.

At EDY Yann our specialist professional personal trainers believe in tailored exercises designed for your unique physique, nutritional habits that will fuel your objectives, mindful techniques to optimize your potential, and recovery strategies to ensure ongoing improvement.

Personal Training

One-on-one Personalised Training

Come along to our east London fitness studio, for highly personalised, creative and dynamic fitness sessions crafted with you, your goals, and your body in mind. 

Customised Group Sessions

Your journey to fitness shouldn’t feel lonely. Join our customised group sessions for those moments you need someone else on the journey beside you.

8 Week Personalised Weight Loss Programme

Choose from our highly personalised weight loss, body toning, or advanced fitness programmes – with max 10 participants per class. Enjoy two-weekly customised group sessions with EDY Yann, a highly-personalised exercise programme to follow at home, and a tailored nutrition plan to fuel you along the way..

The Personalised Approach

Visit us at our Stratford fitness studio, where our professional team will assess your joints and muscles and talk over your aspirations and goals.

Then, we craft a bespoke programme that specifically works on your fundamental strength and endurance to create the foundation for a successful – and sustainable – personal fitness regime.

Personal Training
Edy -Yann: Muscle-&-Strength

You, But Stronger And More Confident

Muscle & Strength

Get lean, long-lasting muscle gains. Our inventive approach to strength and conditioning means we’re forever striving to make your programme more deeply personalised and tailored to your aspirations and goals. 

You’ll follow a scientifically-validated strength-building programme, with sessions focussed on a substantial breakdown of tissue, before a phase of growth backed by a customised nutrition plan that meticulously optimises the development of new muscle.  

Effective, Tailored Plans for Personal Training

Fat Loss For Men and Women

Fat loss can feel like an uphill battle, but we’ll give you the tools your body needs to optimise its natural capacity to shed the excess.

No frustrating, unsustainable fad diets here. Instead, you’ll get support and guidance tailored to your unique physiology.

Embark on a holistic weight loss programme in London that factors in sleep patterns, diet and nutrition, hormonal profiling, and stress management alongside exercise to help you not only lose the pounds, but make it stick. 

Edy Yann - Fat Loss
Enhanced Fitness

Reach Your Goals

Enhanced Fitness

Let our experienced personal trainers take you to your fitness goals, whether you’re training for a sporting event or simply want to feel more in control and energised in your day to day life.

You’ll enjoy a personalised programme that ties together 

Specialized Injury Rehabilitation in East London

“An injury—no matter how serious or benign—can affect the way you live your life in the future. We at EDY Yann understand the importance of healing and recovering from an injury in the shortest possible time. While the road to recovery can seem long, tedious, and frustrating, with the right motivation and consistent training, we are positive that you will achieve the healing you deserve.

Our custom-designed rehab plans are meticulously crafted, taking into account the specific needs of your body and identifying the fundamental causes of your injury. With this deep understanding, we develop a rehabilitation programme that not only alleviates your immediate discomfort but also addresses and resolves the underlying issues, paving the way for lasting recovery.In our one-on-one sessions, our skilled certified personal trainers in East London focus on ensuring that every exercise and movement is strategically planned to contribute effectively to your recovery journey through personal training.”