One Way to Change Your Subconscious Mind

I recommend making, and listening to, audio recordings of your own voice that are positive and in the present tense, as if the belief or feeling you are wanting to reprogram has already happened. For example: “I am healthy” or “I am worthy and loved.” The function of the mind is to create coherence between your beliefs and your reality. Listening to positive and present tense affirmations helps to create this coherence.


Hypnosis – This is the way we learned our programs in the first 7 years of life. During this time the mind is operating in a low vibrational frequency like hypnosis. The theta state is very receptive and we do this two time every day before falling asleep and just before waking up.

Repetition – Through repetition and the creation of “habits,” the primary way we acquire subconscious programs after age 7. This can’t just be sticky notes on the mirror. This must be felt and experienced. This can be difficult if we are experiencing great contrast to the thing we want. Remember habits are by repeating something over and over and over again. Practicing, repeating, practicing!

“Bruce Lipton”