Begin your journey at EDY Yann Wellness Retreats, the epitome of Wellness Retreats in Europe. Whether in France or Spain, these retreats offer a unique blend of fitness regimes and holistic practices for a complete body and mind transformation.

Feel Like a New You on a Wellness Retreat

Whether you’re looking to kickstart a new fitness regime or want an active break that challenges your current capabilities, join seasoned athlete and personal trainer, EDY Yann and his team on an energetic, inspirational wellness retreat in Europe for a life-changing week of rejuvenation and relaxation. Each wellness retreat includes:

Wellness Retreats
Fitness Retreats

Intensive Exercise and Fitness Sessions

Five hours of instructor-led activities per day, including high-intensity HIIT sessions, body combat, running, hiking, strength training, horse-riding, yoga, and more. All customized to your body, abilities, and goals.

Why Wellness Retreats?
To Rejuvenate Body & Mind!

Challenge Your Fitness In The Sunshine

Find Motivation & Support

Fine Tune Your Diet and Nutrition

At our European Fitness Retreats, our dedicated local chef ensures you’re fueled with balanced, nutritious meals, picnics, and canapes to boost your energy and support your body’s recovery. You’ll not only savor these delectable creations but also gain valuable insights into the significance of diet for peak performance. 

Additionally, our retreats offer the opportunity to engage in self-cook masterclasses, equipping you with the skills needed to make positive lifestyle changes at home. Alongside the culinary experience, our retreats seamlessly blend the art of fitness with the science of well-being, providing a range of activities that elevate your health. From intensive workouts to expert nutritional guidance, we’re committed to enhancing your overall well-being during your stay with us.

health and wellness retreats
Edy Yann - Wellness Retreats

Discover Techniques for Whole Body Relaxation

Our Health and Wellness Retreats in Europe go beyond just high-intensity fitness; they prioritize the complete relaxation of both body and mind. In addition to invigorating workouts, you can indulge in rejuvenating deep-tissue massages and mindfulness coaching sessions that leave you feeling completely renewed and refreshed. This unique balance of rigorous fitness and deep relaxation techniques ensures you’re ready to face your next adventure with newfound energy and vitality, making our health and wellness retreats the perfect choice for those seeking holistic rejuvenation.

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To participate in an EDY Yann Retreat, you must be at least 18 years old.

Absolutely! Many of our guests attend solo, and we encourage it. Solo travellers often have the best experience.

Flights are not included in our packages. Guests are responsible for arranging their own transportation to and from the retreat.

We provide airport pickups on the first day of the retreat and organise drop-offs on the last day for your convenience.

No, not at all! Our retreat is designed for individuals of all fitness levels. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or just looking to have fun and improve your well-being, we cater to everyone’s preferences.

Once you arrive at the retreat site, everything is included in your package. However, you may want to bring extra money for personal expenses such as additional food, drinks, or shopping.

We offer single and double occupancy accommodations for our guests.

To secure your spot, please fill out the booking form provided at [Booking Form Link].