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Discover your full potential with Edy Yann’s personal training in East London. Our programs are customized to your unique physique, challenges, and aspirations, ensuring you meet your fitness goals while enhancing overall wellness.

Edy Yann - Personal Training​
8-Week Training Programme​

8-Week Training Programme

What to Expect? Embark on a transformative 8-week training experience crafted for clients focused on body toning or fat loss. Choose between two distinct programmes, designed for all fitness levels—Body Toning and Fat Loss—or elevate your fitness journey with the Advanced Fitness programme.

Fitness & Wellness Retreat

At EDY Yann, we understand that true health, fitness, and wellness extend beyond physical exercise alone. Our philosophy embraces a holistic approach, recognizing the importance of nurturing the body, mind, and soul for a complete well-being journey. Our Fitness & Wellness Retreat programme offers a comprehensive experience, providing exclusive relaxation, enriching culinary delights, and rejuvenation for your entire being.

Edy Yann - Fitness & Wellness Retreat​
Edy Yann - Athletes Training​


Elevate your game and practice what you do best. Our athlete training programmes are designed to enhance your performance in your chosen sport and prepare you for the upcoming season.


Yann is specialising in Sports Rehabilitation and Strength & Conditioning. He appreciates that every individual – from their body structure to their motivations – is unique, and so his focus is always on providing a personal touch to coaching. This includes creating an individualized diet and exercise approach based on biological and anatomical facts, rather than preconceived dogmas and beliefs.

Edy Yann

Success Stories

Daniela Martins
Daniela Martins
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The best PT. He creates a friendly and comfortable environment so people can push themselves without feeling judged or looked at. I have been on his classes for over a year and these are the ones I can never miss. Really pushes me to limits that I did not know I had. I went on his fitness retreat and it was amazing. It was the perfect description of work out with a view. A relax and fun environments while loosing calories ( who wouldn’t want that right?). If you wanna see results and have a trustworthy PT, Yanick is the the man!!!
Giang Le
Giang Le
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Yann is an amazing personal trainer. I’ve been training with him for over a year and the result is over expectations. I transferred from skinny type of body to the body that I expected (52kg-62kg). And the price is affordable compared with others in zone 1 👍🏻
Mohammad Abubakkar Siddique
Mohammad Abubakkar Siddique
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Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality Yann is an excellent trainer! In pandemic, I was totally sitting in my room for months and gained a lot of weight...I was almost touching 100Kg threshold! But for yann's motivation and training, I worked hard and melted all the weight and now I've lost 22Kgs in 4 months! Now I'm training for muscle tuning with yann! He's a great trainer and a great friend!